If you are looking to extend your network connection from one location to another then we offer you the best and cost-effective solution there is - WiFi point-to-point links (PtP). This system works bytaking an existing network and wirelessly connecting it to another network without the requirement of a physical data cable. This could be a network that may or may not be connected to the internet. The distance of the two points can range from 10 meters to up to 12 km.

Do you require a Wifi Point to Point system?

We can design and setup a WifiP2P system for any business, but this solution has various applications:

  • Creating a temporary site-to-site link
  • Replace leased lines (cannot setup a fibre trench)
  • Unable to run cable due to difficult terrain.
  • Networking multiple sites when renting lines is not possible
  • Connect two or more sites together
  • Create a disaster recovery link in mission critical networks
  • A cheaper alternative to fiber optics

Requirements for installing Wifi P2P links

The best Wifi P2P link should be installed in a very strategic manner with a clear line of sight between the two locations/sites that will be linked.There are many other factors to consider as well including distance, the IP rating of the hardware or simply put the ability of a device to lock out dust and water, the frequency of the wireless P2P bridges, the throughput or the amount of data that will be transmitted and received using these links, also in terms of security most wireless links include ‘Advanced Encryption Standard,’ which is an over-the-air extension to the standard WPA2 protocol that adds an extra layer of security. But not to worry as Coleman Communications can take care of all that.

Designing and implementing Wifi P2P links for your business

Our IT architects and engineers can thoroughly assess your sites or the two locations to be connected and can recommend the best option in terms of hardware to be used, location where these devices can be mounted, installation of required software, etc. All of our solutions will be customized based on the site survey and the requirements of the client. Once the client approves of the design our team will take care of everything including labour, specialist cabling, hardware mounting, network configuration and ongoing maintenance and support, if required.

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