Here at Coleman Communications, we recognise that information security is now, more than ever before, at the core of industry strategy. With ever changing and evolving threats, it is imperative that organisations ensure effective protection from email-borne viruses and spam.

Coleman Communications offers an advanced and comprehensive cloud-based managed email service which eliminates spam, viruses, malware and quarantines undesirable and content. Our solution effectively ensures in real-time that all incoming emails are scanned for spam and other threats prior to being released to your network. Moreover, our email security quarantines email according to your company email policy and all outbound emails are scanned prior to leaving the network. Our email security service works with your existing email service to provide continuously updated virus protection and spam filtering, keeping new and emerging threats away from your network.

Why Choose Coleman Communications as your Email Security Provider?

  • Eliminate the persistent invasion of undesirable content and viruses
  • Help keep unwanted email spam from reaching your network
  • Free up valuable bandwidth for business use
  • Increase speed and capacity
  • Get rid of unnecessary interruption
  • Free up valuable employees time by reducing the time wasted filtering emails
  • Help prevent data leakage, possible litigation and damage to your brand reputation
  • Free up internal IT resources
  • Round the clock support ensures that your business is always protected
  • Provides peace of mind and guaranteed performance, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives

How Coleman Communications Email Security works

  • This secure managed email filtering service continuously monitors email traffic immediately blocking spam, and any emails containing viruses.
  • Filtering takes place on multiple levels, with layers of security and a vast range of checks carried out on all inbound and outbound emails.
  • A wide range of techniques continuously build our knowledge base of new and emerging spam threats.
  • Emails, where illicit content is detected, are quarantined.
  • The secure email service operates at internet level, eliminating threats before inbound emails reach client gateways and before outbound emails reach customers or partners.

A secure and resilient global network providing reassurance around your company’s online communication, keeping unwanted email spam from reaching your network


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