Network access is an essential part of any office setup and Coleman Communications offers several services when it comes to network design, implementation, management, and the support required to maintain your IT network.We implement networks from scratch and help maintain existing networks. Whether you need small to medium, large or mega-networks, our extensive experience in IT network implementation and designed step-by step protocols will help make your network installation a successful one.

Our expertise includes the following:-

  • Wide Area Network Solutions (WAN)
  • Local Area Network Solutions (LAN)
  • Wireless Area Network Solutions (WLAN)
  • Content Optimization Solutions (Load Balancing)
  • Structural Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions
  • Network Management and Reporting Solutions

STEP 1: Network Site Assessment

Our experts first meet with clients and gather information on the clients’ requirements, expectations, budget, etc. We then arrange to access and assess the building that requires either a complete network installation or a revamping of existing network infrastructure, which we will use to generate a possible blueprint of the network structure. We can also organize a predictive network assessment from architectural designs for future construction or buildings that yet have to be purchased. During our site assessment and subsequent discussions with clients we will organize all the vital data required to setup a network plan including the number of users per location, LAN port speeds and node types, such as printers and any hardware that will be connected to the network. Other network requirements include programmable logic controllers for robotics or other automated systems requiring network connectivity. All data collected is then presented to the client in the form of a report summarising our findings including suggestions on the setup required, configurations, potential weak and strong wireless points, cabling, hardware requirements, etc to maximize efficacy and quality.

With existing networks, it’s important to assess your current network’s infrastructure, systems, software, security, and implementation in order to discover and address any failures, shortcomings or areas in need of improvement. You’ll need to establish whether your network will scale along with the expected growth in your business operations, which is where we come in. The result of our on-site survey can prove to be quite useful when changing business plans, corporate policies, internal procedures, system upgrades, resource costs and accommodating the required budgetary adjustments.

Requirements for installing Wifi P2P links

Network design is crucial to understanding how all devices interact with each other and in what way all the vital services are delivered to each node within the network. A good understanding of the network design eliminates loss of productivity for the tech support teams and clients. Coleman communications can design and implement a network structure fitted in line with your organization’s needs. The on-site survey allows us to build a blueprint of where and how the entire network can be setup including hardware, switches, number of end points to be connected, identifying cabling (fiber, Cat6, Cat7, etc) and bandwidth requirements. As an authorized reseller of major IT network hardware conglomerates and integrators of major OEMs, we can propose the best solutions based on product consultations with clients and our assessments of the requirements.

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STEP 3: Installation and configuration

Based on the solution opted by the client, our team of installers will plan a timeline and procure the necessary hardware and software required to setup the network. Our competent network managers pay attention to physical network components as they carryout trunking for cables, install the phase plates, run wiring, install network interface cards, and connect workstations and servers via hubs and routers. The network managers then perform cable testing, physical network tests and label end points and patch panels before loading high-level client and server software to ensure that the physical network functions properly before complicating the picture with higher level components. This is followed by installing the important network equipment’s including routers, wifi access points and firewalls. Finally, we do the software installationsand licensing and configure everything as per user requirements

STEP 4: Maintenance and support

We will be honest with you, there is no perfectly automated networking solution for a company regardless of its size, meaning you will probably want someone with the experience, knowledge, and communication skills to help your users through any problems or network related situations. With our annual monitoring and support contract, we will be responsible for providing any network related support without any interference to your daily work. Our expert team will receive alerts to critical issues as they happen with fast response times and remote support. You can report issues to us right from your computer and stay up to date with emails delivered conveniently to your inbox. Our support services also offer the dedicated help of our Level-3 certified engineer to address any problems that may arise whose priority will be to restore your network functionality to increase uptime. We also guarantee client-friendly technical support that reduces the frustration of poor service and data centre downtime. With us, you can extend the lifespan of your networking equipment with post-warranty coverage and end-of-life support.

From small business servers to enterprise cloud solutions, we have a dedicated team on call for remote, on-site and after-hours support. Contact us and speak to our networking specialists today for a network evaluation and site survey!