At Colemann communications, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service in terms of IT consulting and project management. Our experts are well prepared to assist businesses in successfully managing transformation programmes, complicated projects, and the resulting change implications. We have defined several steps to address every IT consultation demand of our client solely designed to benefit our clients’ projects in the best way possible

Do you really need IT Consulting and project management as a service?

At Colemann communications we are very transparent about what we do and therefore our clients’ interest is at the core of our company’s belief. We will not push forward any unnecessary services and instead will offer only that what you will require for your project. It is important that you know whether you require an IT project management as a service in the first place, maybe…

  • This is your first IT project, and you would like to build your experience with the help of professionals.
  • You have had a few successful projects but some of them have not been as fruitful.
  • You do not have the required resources/manpower and would like to outsource your project.
  • There are communication issues and conflicts concerning the development of the project and you would like another pair of eyes to look at it and weigh in.
  • You are competent in the field of IT and are comfortable with traditional IT solutions but are not well-versed with any alternative approaches/new technologies that are currently available in the market.
  • Your project’s various functions such as tasks, project phases, deliverables, etc are not clearly defined.

If this is you or you might have a different reason not listed above, then please do contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your project.

In case your project is still in its road-mapping stage, the consultants at Colemann communications will assist you in designing the work phases of your project, create an approximate budget, outline the resources that will be necessary as well as breaking down the tasks and deliverables that will be required to launch and successfully complete your project. Based on the objective, budget, participants, and other various factors we will suggest you the best methodology that will suit your specific type of project (AgileDevelopment Model, Waterfall Model, etc).

For this service, we will analyse the project objectives, deadlines, budgets, the current workflow, and communication. We also interview the project members (if required) to get an in-depth understanding of individual member’s perspectives of the project. Once we have collected all this data, we assess the project viability. At each step, all our findings are promptly communicated to the client. At the end of this stage, we draft a report highlighting the project risks and our suggested risk-mitigation strategies.

Once your project is well underway how do you ensure that it sticks to the budget and the pre-determined deadlines? 

For the majority of projects especially large-scale ones, the answer is good project control. You can rest assured that our team is trained in services relating to project control. This includes measuring project status and thereby predicting highly likely outcomes based on such metrics, and further improving project performance if the projected consequences are unacceptable. We would be able to advise you on developing a risk management plan, a strategical work-breakdown structure (WBS), and optimize project tactics to increase the chances of successful and timely completion of your project.

The end or closure of a project is as critical as its initiation however, many times this stage of a project is haphazardly concluded resulting in problems in the future. For example, in terms of invoices, if not properly sorted at the closing stage of the project, then in the future, now that the work carried out on the project is a distant memory, any pending invoices from vendors might create new problems and confusion. For this exact reason, our team offers the service of project closure including examining all the deliverables of the project, the budget, any pending quality control, guarantee and warranties for parts, etc. We then generate a report and advise you on how to properly address all the remaining issues so that your team with our help can tie up the loose ends of the project and finish it without having to worry about any future problems. 

We welcome all queries and will be happy to help. Please do contact us for a consultation regarding your project.

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Includes scheduled on-site visits, asset management and a dedicated network admin.


Includes scheduled on-site visits, asset management and a dedicated network admin.


Includes scheduled on-site visits, asset management and a dedicated network admin.


Comprises firewall management, desktop optimisation, anti-virus/anti-spam management and 24/7 monitoring.


Involves access, incident and problem management with on-site support and a remote customer service desk.


A consultancy business plan with vendor management, quarterly executive services and ongoing review meetings.