We at Coleman Communications have an expert team of certified IT professionals that offer customised training to organizations on various IT related technologies. When hiring employees, it is almost rare to find people who have all the necessary skills from the get-go, right from installing Windows onto a computer all the way to designing and implementing an entire network. This is where our training services come in handy. We offer customized training sessions delivered by our very own experienced IT engineers and architects.


When it comes to security, things get serious. As a business you would probably want top-notch security. Most importantly you would require your employees to have the necessary skills and knowledge essential for ensuring the safety and security of vital company information. Therefore, our team at Coleman Communications offers customized IT-related security workshops and different levels of training for general employees, IT staff, executives, etc.

This includes fundamentals of cyber security and how company personnel can tackle IT- related threats, as well as an anti-phishing training course which explains how phishing attacks work, the strategies used by cyber criminals, and what steps to take when targeted. This training focuses on foundation-level knowledge of cyber security’s critical qualities, from social engineering to security in the Cloud. This course is important for inspiring a culture of security awareness throughout your organisation to ensure your employees are a strong last line of defence.

A comprehensive introduction to cyber security risk awareness for your IT support team, to highlight the different cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. This training will also deal with cyber security events, evidence collection,andalso focus on developing plans and strategies to improve your company’s cyber security risk management.

Technology Training

Investing in technology training services has many benefits and now is almost a necessity for businesses. Most importantly, as a company, you will be able tohire and retain top talent by providing high-quality technical training that not only advances your employees’ careers and skill sets but also enhances their performance at work which can only benefit your organization.

We carry out several workshops customized to the needs of the client, for large groups or one-on-one training on different IT-related technologies including use of different software and business applications, Share point training for business, etc. Our training sessions can help you and your employees define and discover several technologies, solutions, concepts, and execution methods that you may need to take into account when dealing with business challenges in today’s corporate landscape.

All our training courses are updated frequently in line with the new regulations and developments in technologies. We offer different training packages which can delivered either online or in-house by our trained experts.

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