Video conferencing, especially in recent times has taken on a new meaning with many businesses including healthcare, commercial, retail, government organizations and now virtual learning at many educational institutions preferring to use video conferencing to conduct their daily business. For various organizations, this move had to be rapidly adopted due to the pandemic with the urgent need to retain productivity and conduct business as usual to circumvent the restrictions that were abruptly introduced worldwide.

Fortunately for you, at Coleman communications we have been working in this sphere right from the start and have worked on several projects in different sectors to set up video conferencing systems suitable to their need.When video feed security and quality are critical, you need a dependable installation and video service from a company that knows how to protect sensitive data. This is where we can help. Our team is experienced in the installation of temporary and permanent video conferencing systems at businesses, courtrooms, boardrooms, and government offices among many locationsand all ofour video conferencing and audio-visual systems are custom-built to meet the exact specifications of our clients.

Our Approach

We offer a variety of alternatives and installations to suit any application or budget.Whether you require a basic desktop system with a single camera for regular meetings or a high-end system with several cameras and screens that provide a boardroom view for all participants, we have the skills and the technology to get the work done. Regardless of the room size, we are certain that we can offer the perfect solution such that any video conference at your chosen site would be seamless and effortless.

  • Once you have signed on with us, our team will generate a detailed report of solutions that will be applicable to your business with alternatives and market-matched price.
  • We can also procure all the required devices saving you the hassle and, our communication engineers who have had an extensive experience, will install the system, and conduct the proper checks to meet all the manufacturer and legal guidelines.
  • Our goal is to turn audio-visual technology into a benefit for your company rather than a liability. We work closely with leading IT conglomerates such as Cisco, Microsoft, Zoom and many more thus ensuring our team receives frequent updates regarding the best software and hardware systems available in the market as well as training on how to use and install any of the solutions procured from these companies¬†


If you or your team members require a demo or training before or after the purchase of any of our solutions, respectively, then rest assured, we accommodate such requests as well. We also offer the option of post-installation service support and have different packages available depending on your requirements. 

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